Truth About Christopher Wade (QC Guy)

He has history of cyberbullying, harassing and torturing people online. I am not the first one.

QC Guy is a Pure Racist. He has strong hate against Muslims. Proof in this article.

The YouTuber QC Guy (Christopher Wade), The US based YouTuber who posts hours long rants and so called drone reviews, has recently seems to have marked AliShanMao (Mansoor Ali) as his new Target. It is well known that he has genuine beef with Hubsan and their products and anyone who posts honest good straightforward reviews of Hubsan product, automatically becomes QC Guy’s Enemy and his target.

Recently he has been posting long cry baby videos on his channel, just to defaming AliShanMao (Mansoor Ali) with false and pointless personal assumptions, self created lies and twisted facts that he is pumping to his followers to create hatred towards alishanmao and hubsan.

here in this article I would like to show you his real face and the other side of the story so you all know the truth and decide by yourself who is right and who is wrong.

How it started

a while ago when I (AliShanMao – Mansoor Ali) did a couple of honest and unbiased helpful reviews of Hubsan Zino 2 Series drone, QC Guy Christopher Wade approached me by Facebook messenger and offered me a channel collaboration. I, who knew where he was coming from, politely refused him. which he took personally

As QC guy always posts Anti hubsan content, he was banned from Hubsan Official facebook page and I somehow helped him by speaking to Hubsan and let him in (Unban). QC Guy (Christopher Wade) again started posting against hubsan in hubsan official group and was banned again for his pointless hatred and biased against Hubsan company.

I tried to help him again but it was not possible and thats where he started to target me and started his attacks and insults. See below what he posted on Facebook messenger to me.

So QC Guy (Christopher Wade) a so called decent YouTuber comes down to this scum level. see his words.

Quote from screenshot above that QC Guy wrote “Then a good question came up, while you are sucking off Sam’s Cock, do you swallow or does Chinese semen Taste like fish”

Well I only wanted to ask “how does he know Chinese semen taste like fish”? Experience speaks.

But I did not post the above, I just politely said good bye and banned him. so I can focus on my life peacefully.

Recent QC Guy Attacks and Cry Baby Videos with Lies and False Accusations

I recently posted videos of Hubsan Zino Mini Pro Drone and I was the first one to post those videos, so a number of Youtube Channels copied my videos. for which obviously they did not acquire my permission and got copyright strike from YouTube.

QC Guy Christopher Wade, not only copied my video but also edited it out with his commentary to mock me, insult me and posted on his channel live stream. See his Video description.

I watched it but I kept quiet, I did not do anything until I got this from QC Guy…

Well I just made his wish Come true and filed a copyright strike. Thats where QC Guy Christoper Wade went critically Mad (Psycho) is the best term.

He started sending me emails asking to remove copyright strike. and that I suffered his nasty attitude, I was not ready to trust him. So I asked him for a solution.

We went on forth and back with emails and he did his best to get sympathy by lying as much as he could. he even told me he has returning cancer and he is dying soon.

I felt bad and wanted to help but then Christopher Wade Got back being QC Guy, and each new email I only got dirty nasty language, abuse and harassments. He even created a Fake Email address that he later admitted (I could recognize him from his abusing writing style) See below

So Now (Mansoor Ali) is a Typical Muslim Terrorist, and he even drags my wife to his scum level drama.

and there is more

As Christopher wade goes desperate he posts this in his private group

Nice so now we have YouTubers offering bounties to take someone’s channel down. How low can a person stoop to?

Christopher Wade QC Guy then creates fake alishanmao channels and posts nasty comments to defame me (Mansoor Ali) AliShanMao. See screenshots below. Fortunately YouTube was kind and fast to take his fake channels down immediately after we reported

He used the fake channel to comment on Idaho Quadcopter Channel Video

He then posts more fake comments to my channel

Now this is funny. It seems most of the QC Guy Christoper Wade Victims, get a Pink Dildo picture. I was not the only one. Others had the honor to receive pink dildo picture from Christopher wade too.

I am not the only Victim of Christoper Wade (QC GUY). There are many. Some are too scared due to his long term harassment and online cyberbullying and torturing that they just want to keep quiet. Some have contacted me and I hope they will also post their proof soon.

He Claims I tried to take his channel down but he survived the strikes, How?

I have not tried to take his channel down. One Strike on YouTube can’t take a channel down ever

as per his new hours long cry baby rant streamed recently. He has found a strong lawyer who specializes in dealing with YouTube Copyright claims and helped him find a loop hole to avoid strikes. With this new method, now QC Guy can use any of my video and will always avoid strikes. just because I can not sue him in a court in USA for Copyright, I have no rights at all to claim on YouTube.

Tell me is this even fair? there is no fair use of my content in his videos, there is no educational purpose at all. there is only one purpose, his sick agenda to defame me.

Well that now he has a strong lawyer on his back, and assuming from his new stream content and description

So now he is trying to shut my channel down. For what? For me being right to ask YouTube to remove QC Guy video that he copied my video and insults me with his edits. and I only did what Christoper Wade Asked me to do.

QC Guy Christoper wade has been giving false personal assumption to people on Youtube in his videos. (clearly cyberbullying and harassment), and threats.

You can find his lies easily.

he calls me, I am from Iraq, a muslim terrorist.

Isn’t that a case of Racism here?

dude, get a life. I am from Pakistan. Not From Iraq. People should research before making false accusations and spreading lies.

He has created fake email texts that he has been reading on his channel videos, to create hatred against me, and defame me, hide his own lies. The videos that he himself calls them his Shitshows.

This is my side of story. I have no time to continue this freak show nor I am interested to waste my time with a low level scum like QC Guy is. Not just my words, many of his victims will confirm how dirty he can get with people. He hides his real dirty face. he is a scum of this society. He is a black spot on the face of Great American Nation.

I have many American Followers, Friends, brotherly friends who are US citizens and they all gave me the best impression of how good American people are, how friendly they are, and how wonderful they are.

But this Christopher Wade (QC GUY) according to words from my American Friends as they describe him. For privacy reasons, I would not disclose their names.

“these are trash (Germs of our society). A shame to the face of American Nation. “

Well them, I am moving on as I have better things to do. But to those, who are being brainwashed daily by QC Guy Christopher Wade, this article should show them the truth.

I did not try to shut his channel. I just do not want anyone to use my video without my permission and specially insult me by editing it.

I do not want to continue this anymore. because I do not want to deal with scums of society who can stoop down to unimaginable levels where they are even ready to physically hurt people and their family.

If QC Guy has beef with hubsan, he should talk to them personally and sort it out asap. like a man will do. Well I do wonder if he has guts to do it even? because all he can do is hide in his room and make cry baby cyberbully videos based on false twisted facts and lies.

I am not affiliated or related to hubsan, nor I get paid by them. I am an English EFL teacher in China with 5 Figure Highest salary in town, my Youtube Channel and my own online business makes some bread for me as well.

I am just a YouTuber and Reviewer who posts unbiased, honest and straight forward reviews of Products, Drones, RC hobby and tech. My channel below. You can see I never post any videos ranting, disrespecting, or spreading hatred. I only post my original content, unbiased honest straight forward reviews and helping videos of RC Hobby that have helped 10000s of people over a decade. I insist to enjoy Hobby, live and let live. Peace and love, not hate not war.

I am just a simple friendly and helping guy who treats everyone with respect and peace.

I wish QC Guy Christopher wade all the best in his life. Hope he will learn to live in this society with peace and respect to others. Hope he will have a good and happy life.

A message to Christopher wade:

“In my country people say. When someone goes made in revenge, he will only destroy himself.”

I hope Chris, you will drop the hate and look at the beautiful world we can all create by dropping our differences with others. Live in peace and harmony. Or else you are leaving a bitter and harsh world for your kids and next generations only. nothing else to say.

Cheers and if you have any comments, feel free to contact me.

Mansoor Ali