Wireless Rechargeable Smart LED Strobes

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Pimp up you rides, your RC Aircraft, Jets, Boats, Cars, Drones, Bicycles, Skateboards, and much more with these super bright stick and use rechargeable LED Strobes.

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Pimp up your RC Aircraft, RC Jets, RC FPV Planes, Drones, RC Boats, RC Vehicles or even much more with these super bright, stick and use, rechargeable LED Strobes.

These LED Strobes offer 3 different blink patterns:

  • Slow Blink
  • Fast Blink
  • Fading Blink

Easy to charge using a USB cable any where on the go. Just stick these, press the button to select strobe blink pattern and you are all set to go. Great for night rides, night RC flights, and even looks awesome during daytime.

These are good for literally anything you can throw at them.

  • RC Aircraft,
  • RC Jets,
  • RC Vehicle,
  • Drones
  • FPV Racing Drones
  • Real vehicles,
  • Motor bikes,
  • Bicycles,
  • Skateboards,
  • Helmets,
  • Boats,

you name it, and these will just pimp up the ride you stick them on to. 

With your purchase you will get:

  1. 3 rechargeable Stick and use LED Strobes (Red, White and Green)
  2. Double sided Sticky Tapes
  3. USB Charging Cable



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