Worlds First Production Tilt Rotor FPV Racer (Was)



This was an amazing project and it gave me an amazing nice product. I still have my first one the kit with me that I intend to build again.

Alas, Cheaters, Greedy, Immoral, Unfair business ethics people, Cheated me over and over again for this project. Copied my design and kicked me out like I was nothing.

Guess what, Karma is a bitch people. They could not sell nothing. Did not even get their investment out. Treated you right you fools. You think you can cheat a Genuine Talent, be unfair and Win? Not happening.

This thing lives in our memories. it was an amazing FPV Racer. None was like it in its time. It was the fastest 120km per hour.

I gotta pick the piece and get my back in business soon.

I am working hard and I am going to bring all of you some amazing, extremely useful and good quality genuine products soon.

Keep an Eye on my site and Thank you all for the best support you have always given me.