Insta360 Go2 Camera Mount (3D STL File)


Insta360 Go2 Camera Holder for RC FPV Planes and Drones STL Files.

Download and 3D print these STL Files on your 3D Printer and add your Insta360 Go2 camera to your Micro FPV Drones, FPV Whoops and Mini, Micro FPV Airpalnes easily.

Instructions To Use:

  1. Download the STL Files RAR and Unzip, UnRAR
  2. Slice the STL Files in your preferred slicer program. please use support and 20% infill
  3. 3D Print the Camera holder and base
  4. Camera holder is going to be printed a bit tight by default because I designed it this way. So after 3D print is over, do not force the insta360 Go2 camera into
  5. Take a Hot air gun and blow hot air onto the Camera mount. do not blow too hot air too long as it will melt the PLA Filament. Blow the air a little bit around the camera mount
  6. now you can slide your Insta360 Go2 in the camera mount easily as it will be soft and expand to fit the camera. leave it to cool down.
  7. Now you can easily slide the camera in and out and it will not be too tight but also not too loose that camera will fall out during flight. you can always tape the behind of camera to mount as an extra security measures.
  8. Have fun

If you need more 3D models and or need custom design, 3D Printing, feel free to contact us. we offer competitive prices.