E-Glide V2 Electric Paramotor – Be Free in the Skies

$4,999.00 $3,599.00

We Slashed the prices even more so you can fly with E-Glide V2 and be free in the skies

E-Glide V2, Electric Paramotor is designed to make you fly like a bird in the skies. Its the cheapest and most affordable way to make your flying dream come true. Incredibly Powerful, yet lightweight E-Glide V2 is super easy to handle. This is your chance to get into Powered Paragliding in an affordable way.


E-Glide V2 is superb and powerful Electric Paramotor. It is rated to generated 45kg or thrust and a 2m/s climb rate at full throttle. It uses hobby grade Lithium Polymer batteries easily available in market and can provide flight times up to 15 to 20 minutes depending upon battery capacity and flight style. E-Glide V2 is only 12.5kg heavy including harness but without batteries. This is by far the lightest Paramotor you will find in the market. This light weight makes it easier for smaller and lighter Pilots to carry it, running take off are easier and during flight its more comfortable to fly with a lighter Paramotor. You can even soar without power if you get into right thermals.

Built with custom Speed controller and a Beast Motor that spins 36 inch propeller, E-Glide V2 will get you an amazing 45kg of Thrust. This baby can move a small car on full throttle. This incredible Power is available by just a small move of your finger using a Wireless Throttle Controller. You can easily set a cruise throttle on your wireless throttle controller and go hands free to get yourself adjusted in the seat or get some amazing shots using your cameras.

Custom built Motor with German Produced parts is lightweight and incredibly powerful. Custom Speed Controller is tweak able using a computer and USB Connection. Speed Controller offers Fail safe options and will stop the motor so you can glide and land safely. This Fail safe will kick in instantly if:

  • wireless throttle signals are lost
  • wireless throttle batteries run out
  • you accidentally dropped wireless controller during flight and it goes out of range
  • Batteries Overheat
  • Batteries are drained equal to or below set low voltage limits
  • Motor overheating
  • Speed Controller Overheating

E-Glide uses a strong yet very lightweight Custom Built beautiful Red and Black Color Scheme Frame. You can easily detach the protective cage for easy storage and transportation. Basically you can literally take off everything from frame including motor and speed controller and store or carry the parts with in minutes. Assembly and deployment takes just few minutes only as well. E-Glide is super easy to carry and store and you can carry it in smaller cars just fine.

With its fine capabilities, lightweight and incredible power, E-Glide Electric Paramotor supports pilot from 50kg to 80kg of weight. Paramotor or Parasailing canopies are fine and work great with E-Glide. Make sure your glider however is certified for Paramotoring before attempting to fly with E-Glide.

You can order the Kit and build it in few minutes right after taking it out of box. When you order the Kit you will get the Following:

  1. Custom Durable and lightweight Professional Frame x 1
  2. Custom Speed Controller x 1
  3. Custom Motor x 1
  4. Carbon Fiber 2 blade propeller x 1
  5. Battery Tray
  6. Connectors installed

We can supply batteries as well. If you would like to order batteries as well, please let us know.