DuoTork 13X 60V 6000W 30AH Electric Scooter


This is your True Urban Mobility Electric Scooter offering up to 95km range, 80km of max speed, and a super balanced ride.

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Ultimate Urban Mobility Electric Scooter, DuoTork 13X 60V Dual 3000W Motors Electric Scooter combines Style, power and speed all in one Chunky Strong Compact body. This is your best daily commuter to beat the traffic and arrive at your destination earlier than others. Fat Tires on 13 inch coupled with strong adjustable suspension, dual hydraulics shocks absorber fork, provide safer and better handling and smoother riding. Commute in Style and speed, on DuoTork 13X Electrric Scooter.


  1. Strong and Stylish Build with Fat tires on Dual 3000W powerful hub motors
  2. ECO, Single and Dual Motor Turbo Buttons
  3. Dual hydraulic suspension with front forks
  4. Dual Disc Brake system
  5. Angle Eyes and LED Light controller, with Indicators and a high audible Horn
  6. Super bright Angel eyes lights can blind the upcoming traffic. So make sure you point them to the road because thats what you need watch at night. View all the cracks and pot holes clearly even on dark roads at night and ride safely.
  7. Anti Slip Foot rest and foot pad with built in Multi color LED lights in acrylic board
  8. Multi Color LED acrylic board on the front right above the angel eyes lights.
  9. Stylish and strong Front grill above Angel eyes lights.
  10. Strong rear foot rest for when you wanna wheelie or ride standing
  11. Folding Design for easy storage and transportation
  12. Spring loaded comfortable, Folding Seat included
  13. Strong and stylish side stand.
  14. It also offers fast charging with dual charging ports (Need to buy 2nd Charger separately)
  15. Your Purchase includes:
  16. One DuoTork 13X 6000W Electric Scooter
  17. Single Battery Charger

DuoTork 13X rides extremely stable and smooth. with ECO mode on, it limits the speed to 25kmph and extends the mileage to over 100+ km (no Climbing). Turn off ECO, Switch to Dual motors with Turbo button and experience the amazing pull, the torque that will make you say “Catch me if you can” to your competition. Smoke your competition for sure.

Max 80kmph Speed for when you are in a hurry (Ride at your own risk at those speeds)

Duotork 13X won’t disappoint you for its power and speed but respecting the power and speed, its your own responsibility. Ride keeping the rubber side down.