Big Items Giveaway are coming

Big Thanks to all the people from around the world actively taking part in contest that still has 22 days left. Big thanks to all my followers and fans as well. I truly appreciate all the support.

Please read and pay attention to what I am about to reveal below.

4 Drones Giveaway Contest link: http://tiny.cc/9vfbtz

If you have not taken part in it, go ahead click the link above, and follow the instructions. You have to answer 4 questions exactly. I am looking for correct answers to those questions and you will be winner only if you provide correct answers

Those who are trying to be smart and guessing, making nonsense attempts to answer without watching videos will be eliminated from all upcoming contests.

Ali Mansoor

Subscribers Only

One very important point to consider for your win. For existing and all upcoming giveaways, Please remember these are for my subscribers on the following channels:





Make sure you are an active subscriber.

Because no one likes zombie subscribers. Active subscriber follow the work, watch and like the videos and comment actively. Those are the good practice of active subscribers.

Trust me, I read and reply all comments daily and I know who has been an active follower, watching videos, giving likes and posting comments. I will give extra favor to active people on these channels when it comes to picking up a winner for all my giveaway contests.

Next thing, instead of making videos, I have decided to send emails to post updates to all the upcoming giveaways. please see the link below and follow it to subscribe to mailing list.

So Subscribe to my mailing list today: http://tiny.cc/fj2etz

I promise you, I do not share, nor I spam people via emails. Your data is safe there.

Ali Mansoor

In coming days I am going to send an email and post some updates on social media as well. More details will be in emails obviously. In coming emails I will reveal the videos that have the answers to 4 questions for the existing 4 drones giveaway contest. So it will be easier for you to find right answers.

Then there will be another email that will reveal the next giveaway item and milestone. So keep an eye on that. Because once the milestone is achieved, I will pick a random lucky winner. This winner will be match through my 4 channels subscribers list, giveaway landing page activity, and mailing list subscribers list.

Once again I thank you for your continued support. Stay safe people and keep up the good work. Best wishes to you all. Stay tuned for my next email through my mailing list for clues to videos and answers, and new giveaways.