Real Truth Behind Matthew Ogborne (Ragthenutsoff) False and Deceptive Accusations against AliShanMao (Ali Mansoor)

Recently Matthew Ogborne, a small timer RC hobbyist From the UK, with a small youtube channel (ragthenutsoff) accused AliShanmao of banning him from Rambler RS Facebook Group in a 13 minute long video. He then escalated the argument into a personal vendetta, along with his followers, and made another video on Youtube accusing alishanmao for calling him a “racist.”

Twisted facts and hidden truth

People who watch those videos are only getting one side of story. Those videos are intended to mislead people into believing Matthew Ogborne’s (Ragthenuts) deceitful lies, by portraying himself as a victim, and playing upon people’s sympathies with misrepresented facts.

In this article people will be able to see the clear truth of this story, and also see the real face of Matthew Ogborne, his loyal supporters, and their malicious intentions—to seek attention and make sport of defaming alishanmao (Ali Mansoor)

What are their intentions?

Their intentions appear to be to defame AliShanMao (Ali Mansoor) in anyway possible. To look down on LTE products, like the Rambler RS, and upcoming Eachine Airloader, from Banggood.

Do we have proof?

Yes. please read this article to the end because later, you will see screenshots of comments and posts from Matthew ogborne and his followers that reveal their true intentions, and their personal vendetta against alishanmao, LTE and Banggood.


Ali Mansoor (AliShanMao) from youtube started the (Link above) Rambler RS facebook group, together with LTE company, as an official page for Rambler RS long range FPV Wing. This group was created to post updates and let owners of Rambler RS share their videos, pictures, ideas, and feedback on the Rambler RS. The owner of the company, Songbo, and Ali Mansoor together, along with a few others, are administrators of this group.

How did it all start?

Please take clear note:

  1. Songbo is a Chinese guy and his English language skills are very basic.
  2. The Rambler RS long range plane has been released long ago, and ragthenuts got a sample well after feedback from many experienced pilots from around the world had already provided extensive feedback for product improvement.
  3. As this fight had escalated, a community member intervened and tried their best to put a stop to it. He spoke to Ali to stop responding and delete all negative comments, especially against Matthew and his followers from Rambler RS group. Ali agreed, and deleted all negative posts and comments against Matthew Ogborne and his followers. However, when this community member spoke to Matthew Ogborne, he simply refused to stop creating conflict in any way.

Given above facts. please read on.
Matthew Ogborne (Ragthenutsoff) received a free sample of Rambler RS Plane from Banggood and he makes a video about the plane. In his video he failed to properly launch the plane, and crashed. A friend helps him set his plane properly and launch it. He flew the plane and concluded the plane was ok but it has issues. He then points out an issue that had already been addressed long before he even received the plane. Matthew Ogborne then applied to join the Rambler RS Group and posted his video. 

Songbo, as administrator, watched his video and, clearly due to language issues, mistook the video as being against his product. He believed it was misleading and would misguide existing customers; who have been using the product successfully, without any issues at all. Songbo then declined the post and banned Matthew Ogborne from the group.

Songbo Admin Banned Matthew Ogborne from Facebook group

Matthew Ogborne took the news of getting banned from the group extremely negatively, and turned his rejection into a personal vendetta against alishanmao, LTE, and all Products produced by LTE. 

Clearly Matthew Ogborne did not know which admin had blocked him, and without trying to communicate with the group admins, or get further clarification the  situation, Matthew Ogborne posted a tearful 13 minute long video on Youtube—accusing AliShanMao of banning him. 

Ogborne twisted the facts and used every possible thing to support his false claim. He clearly used an AliShanMao Channel screen shot, screenshots of facebook showing AliShanMao’s personal name, and carried on spreading deceptive lies, and accusing alishanmao of banning him. 

After this, Ogborne decides to create his own Rambler RS group, as well as an Eachine Airloader group. He then began publishing provocative posts in hopes of provoking AliShanMao, and Songbo, or anyone in LTE Rambler RS group into responding. Their only purpose in this was to create hostility and hatred towards AlishanMao, Songbo, LTE, and damage their brand and public image.  

these are Matthew Ogborne facebook groups

Who Started the Racist Accusation first?

Before we continue, we would like to show you some screen shots of Matthew Ogborne’s Facebook and Youtube comments, and his Supporters comments:

Matthew Ogborne clearly brings up the idea of “racism” as the reason he got banned; suggesting to all that he was banned simply for “being white.”

They Called Ali Mansoor a Racist First. See comment shot below

This is a screenshot from facebook comments in Matthew Ogborne’s facebook group. His supporter, Heals Scott, accused Ali Mansoor of being a member of The Taliban—which is itself a very bigoted and ugly thing to say to anyone. He then asked Ali mansoor if he harbours prejudice towards Westerners, and if he would say the same things, if it had been a Muslim or Chinese pilot.

Note that AliShanMao still did not post any video response or accusations against them—even after being called a “racist,” and being relentlessly attacked for his religious beliefs. Please see comments screenshot below where Matthew Ogborne’s supporters rail against alishanmao for being a Muslim, and kept on attacking alishanmao with open hatred.

Just to be clear, China and Chinese government have no issues with Islamic Religion. Millions of Chinese Muslim and Foreigner Muslim enjoy a happy and comfortable life practicing their religion in China.

Religious nonsense and religious propaganda? In which of AliShanMao’s videos have you ever seen him preaching and teaching about his religion? If a video starts with a 2 seconds of English written phrases of his belief, what is wrong with that? While you can wait for a 15 second ad to finish, or skip a 5 second advertising, why can’t you skip a 2 second intro?

Really James smith? Is this how you like to mock someone’s religion?

Please show one video of AliShanMao where religious ideas or religious teaching are shown. All videos of AliShanMao clearly are about the RC hobby and product reviews.

And it gets interesting that Mr. Reindale Hill, here accuses AliShanMao to be part of Taliban which is a very sensitive subject around the world.

Above shown Comments clearly show that Matthew Ogborne and his supporters were the first one to accuse alishanmao of “racism,” and they kept on attacking on AliShanMao personally, and his religion. They kept on provoking him so AliShanMao would comment in his defense, simply to have more words they could twist to their own ends. 

They accused Ali Mansoor / AliShanMao of having a Financial Interest in the Rambler RS Product

When Ali Mansoor politely asked Matthew Ogborne to not break YouTube Policies and guidelines, He and his followers just mocked him and posted more hostile comments. See below:

Well Heals Scott reveals the truth. That it was their clear intentions to create drama on purpose in order to boost their own popularity.  

Ragthenutsoff has his own online store, where he sells products too, and gets financial benefits from his own video reviews.

Also note, these video were done on purpose so that if AliShanMao makes mistakes in filing claims on Youtube, his channel will be suspended.

Unfortunately AliShanMao never gave them the satisfaction they were looking for. 

So What is the truth behind AliShanMao Calling Matthew Ogborne a Racist?

Please note before you read: 

as mentioned above, a community member offered to stop this fight, and asked us to remove all negative posts and comments, so some of the posts from rambler rs were removed. However, we do have some stuff to back up our claim. 

Over the course, Matthew Ogborne and his supporters kept adding more fuel to the fire, kept on provoking Ali Mansoor—simply for their own amusement. So they needed ammunition from Ali Mansoor to twist and use against him. This is where they were successful in getting alishanmao to write something and make a mistake in a post which would fuel their false “racist” accusations.

They played so dirty that they even asked different people to join Rambler RS Group to attack and provoke Ali Mansoor.

They even sent a woman… to do something they could not.

This lady here thought she was on a “James Bond” mission. So after her request to join the group was accepted, she posts it proudly with her interesting statement.

I have managed to infiltrate

Really Lady? what did you think it was a secret lab or hidden fortress?

Key Point: Different Matthew (Not the same person)

Please note during the escalation, A supporter of Matthew Ogborne, named Matthew Davis on facebook was very active attacking Ali Mansoor on Facebook groups and constantly provoking Ali Mansoor to react

Rambler RS groups Posts a Chinese Pilot Flight video link, showing the Chinese pilot flew Rambler RS for 196km and set a new record. On which Matthew Davis assumed that electronics were not properly tuned, and commented calling Chinese Pilot an “Imbecile.”

Please note in this part of the world, “Imbecile” is a very strong word against someone, especially if that someone is innocent and has caused no trouble.

When Matthew Davis Calls a Chinese pilot “Imbecile,” Songbo (the Chinese designer) and Ali Mansoor were offended by his low-minded insult to a Chinese hobbyist who is just trying to contribute to the hobby with the best of intentions. And that is where Matthew Ogborne gets his fire to ignite the fuse for his “Saddest Day in RC (AliShanMao called me racist)” It was a lame, attention seeking, deceptive and false video. See the screen shot of the post below, which was obviously written after getting offended by Matthew Davis comments against a hobbyist in China.

The Big Mistake in this post was forgetting to type ‘Davis’ after ‘Matthew’ in this post:

See above Matthew Davis original comment. Read the name clear: MATTHEW DAVIS

When Mathew Ogborne saw this post, he quickly made a screenshot, removed the real fact that this post was to Matthew Davis, not Matthew Ogborne, and he was off to the races. He accused AlishanMao of calling him a racist, and incited hatred against AlishanMao. 

He, or his Supporter Matthew Davis shamelessly hid the real truth from people. Matthew Davis Kept Quiet and never spoke the truth. What shameless person will hide the truth?

but not everyone was fooled. See below:

Matthew does need attention, so he clearly twisted the facts in his own favor. But people know it was Matthew Davis, not Matthew Ogborne. 

Agreed. The Drama Queen. People are realizing the truth already.

Of course views he needs, so he can hurt Ali Mansoor (AliShanMao as much as he can). To satisfy his sadistic ego.

Definitely people are wasting a good 13 minutes of their lives watching this guy cry about being made a victim—because someone on the Internet called him a bad word.

Yes we all thought something real bad happened, or someone died. And yes, trashing someone’s religion? How lame is that?

That is the truth: Matthew Davis, Not Matthew Ogborne. A Comment made against Matthew Davis for which Ali Mansoor felt bad, and eventually removed. Ali was ready to apologize to Matthew Davis. But Matthew Ogborne went ahead anyway—because it served his desire to hurt AliShanMao and AliShanMao’s Reputation.

This does not end here. Now we would like to show you the real face of these characters, so you can see their clear intentions: to destroy our public image, and to satisfy their appetite for dehumanizing people from another part of the world.

Matthew Ogborne kept on going—showing his true colors. And anyone who tried to speak the truth to him, he and his followers would attack them relentlessly. Recently they also started muting, and banning people trying to speak out, censoring members’ comments reveals their malicious intent. We have some screenshots for you to see and decide for yourself if you would trust such a person, or his opinion about any product.

See the post below from Matthew Ogborne. Anyone who looks at this picture posted by him, can see how inflammatory it is.

This clearly shows his personal Revenge against this product and clear intentions that he never meant to promote or say good about this product. he just wanted to defame it.

Read Comments below on the above blow up penis on Rambler RS Plane picture post from Matthew Ogborne.

Above are just obvious examples of how disgusted people are by Matthew Ogborne and his supporters’ nonsense.

Tracy Glenn has been very offensive and insulting to Ali Mansoor All the time.

It keeps on going. Provoking never stops. Above picture is not the Product they are trying to defame, but the Pissing Penis image above shows the gross and filthy mentality of Matthew Ogborne and his follower. A gang that purposefully picks up on people to bully and insult and take it as an amusing sports for themselves. 

It was never about the product review. it was always about defaming and bullying AliShanMao, LTE and Songbo.

See the comments and unprofessional attitude from Matthew Ogborne and his followers below:

And how much more offensive can it get? Heals Scott suggests the best idea he could ever come up with. See comment below:

In many parts of the world, if a man keeps and uses sex dolls, they are considered the lowest example of a pervert and sadistic type. and clearly Matthew Ogborne owns more than just two sex dolls.

and this is not it. Ali Mansoor even received a clear threat. Really? That is how professionals work?

Now see below. Matthew Ogborne Clearly keeps on stating

I don’t like blatant lies, Censorship, I despise lying.

We would like to ask Matthew Ogborne.
I was banned from the rambler rs group
Saddest day in RC life

Those two attention seeking videos are based on even bigger lies. If you hate lies and despise a lie, Why did you go on crying for half an hour in two of your videos twisting the truth and lying to the world?

Matthew Ogborne, you clearly say something, then deny it with your actions. If Matthew Ogborne is a real man, he should accept the truth and show the truth to the world, not twist the truth for his malicious intentions and personal vendetta against individuals. But clearly he is nothing but a little whining, attention seeking cry bully who gets satisfaction playing out his sadistic games—bullying and torturing others on internet. Yes on Internet because in real life he has no courage to even face a true foe.

Read the comments below.

Matthew Ogborne and his new videos, clearly shows he is being defensive, and that he is fearful, because all these blatant lies, and his sadistic dirty tactics are now starting to bite back. More and more people are able to see his real face and his deceptions, his real dirty intentions and personal revenge vendetta against AliShanMao. Read Below, Matthew Ogborne is now running out of spaces to hide. he is running out of words to answer the questions.

By the way Heals Scott, his big supporter had to say this on his recent post.

Is that the truth? Or is it another attempt to ridicule and provoke?

An Attempt to Defame Rambler RS Products on Banggood

Yes Matthew Ogborne Then shamelessly tried to defame the product with his carefully written modifications review on Banggood. Banggood officials took immediate notice and action against it.

And for obvious reasons, they do not want to stop—so they started another group to trash the upcoming Eachine Airloader (Also designed and produced by Songbo)

Matthew Ogborne and his followers picked up on another product that is clearly designed by Songbo (The guy who banned Matthew from group and instantly became a target). 
Note this plane has not been released yet.

See above plane is on pre order. No one has received the plane or even seen the real airplane yet. And Matthew Ogborne makes a mocking video about this plane, and started a whole new facebook group about it. Obviously just to defame, misrepresent, and misguide people about this product.

Focus on the title of his video. “Only a Mother Could Love That Look.” And thats not all. The tone of this video, his laughter, and choice of wording is obvious—this RC plane is their next target. Why? Because its coming from Songbo, the guy who banned him from a group.

Our Final Conclusion

We hope this article and screen shots have revealed the real truth behind Matthew Ogborne and his supporters. Hiding the real truth by twisting facts in their own favor, and making false accusations to defame AliShanMao (Ali Mansoor). And doing everything in their power to make Eachine and LTE Products look bad.

What they are doing is utterly gross.

We have revealed the truth. Make your own conclusions. Anyone in his/her right mind can see where those people are coming from, and what are their real intentions are. How low can they go, and how much can they be trusted?

Thank you very much for reading this article. Please help us spread the truth.


LTE Official Team
Other official Personnel (For some reasons we will reveal the names when time is right)

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