SN Light Fixed Wing Long Range FPV Flight Controller with Pixel OSD

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Fly Short Range or Long Range FPV With Confidence.

SNL Flight controller will assist you flying your FPV Aircraft and let you enjoy FPV with complete focus.

Fly higher, Fly Farther with SNL

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Stepping up in the world of FPV Flying, and going farther distances, you will need to see all the flight data telemetry and you need to have a very reliable FPV Autopilot that you can put your trust in, that you can trust with all your expensive FPV gear and your beloved FPV Plane.

Introducing SN Light. A compact light weight, highly reliable, feature rich, Super easy to install and setup, FPV Autopilot that performs bigger than you will ever expect.

SN Light Fixed wing Long Range FPV Planes Flight controller is an outstanding flight controller that is compact, super easy to install and tune and is highly reliable when it comes to flight performance for long range FPV Planes.


SN light features:

A compact small size of only 38*25mm and a weight only 6.8g that makes it an ideal flight controller even for smaller FPV Planes and FPV Flying wings.







Simple or F-16 type of OSD layout. Wealth of Flight data is show by OSD for you to fly Long range FPV Without worries.















It has a built in Pixel OSD. Not only you get wealth of flight data for you to fly Long range FPV with precision but also you do not need to set parameters through the computer. Everything is can be set and tweaked using your radio control sticks and Pixel OSD only.











Comes with M8N High Precision GPS Unit








Pre built Power Management Unit (PMU) that supplies 12v and 5V additional output using built in UBEC. Also supplies power to flight controller and FPV Gear

12v Power supply to VTX and FPV Cameras (make sure your FPV System is rated to take 12v)







Pre built connectors for FPV camera and Video transmitter.











Built-in accelerometer, Gyro, a magnetic compass, a barometer offers unbeatable flight control performance for all kind of RC FPV Aircraft.

Built-in high-performance AHRS algorithm for optimization of fixed wing aircraft









Support for installation of high-precision digital airspeed sensor (Sold Separately)









Support SN_AAT(Automatic Antenna Track) coming soon to Onlyflyingmachines.

Built-in AAT algorithm, no need for external AAT onboard modules

Super easy and clean installation using PPM, SBUS interface receiver and independent RSSI interface










Support 4-channel PWM output, 2-channel AUX

Supported RC FPV Aircraft: Flying wings, v-tail, T-tail, and traditional RC planes.

Offers 6 flight modes using two 3 position switches. Manual, Altitude and heading hold, Stabilized mode, Auto Circle mode, Auto Return to home and assisted take off modes.

Supports Firmware upgrade

Assisted Auto take off with Take off speed settings

Auto return to home safe altitude settings via Pixel OSD. plane will climb to safe altitude when returning to home

Auto Detection Failsafe. When RC connection is lost, plane can activate auto return to home. no need to set failsafe on radio and receiver

Cruise speed settings

Auto Circle Radius Settings

and much more.


Fly Short Range or Long Range FPV With Confidence. SNL is going to take care of your short range and long range FPV Flights and make it a joy for you to enjoy FPV Flights. Fly higher, Fly Farther with SNL.




With your Purchase you will get:

  • SNL Flight Controller Unit
  • M8N GPS
  • PMU with built in UBEC and Current Sensor (No Connectors for battery or ESC)
  • Pre made cables for Flight controller, Camera, and VTX

ZOHD Dart XL FPV Plane Shown in the video or in pictures on this page is not included in the deal. This is only Flight controller as mentioned above with its accessories.