OFM Seeker-450 V2 SE Quadcopter RTF

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OFM Seeker 450 V2 Special Edition is Unbeatable for FPV, Long Range FPV, Aerial Surveillance and Aerial Filming

We have just upgraded our best and hot selling Quadcopter to a new level.  Now it comes pre equipped with High Quality, higher efficiency motors, Custom Multirotor ESCs flashed with SimonK firmware and 2km Range Futaba Radio System.

Having this setup, you instantly get a total different machine in your hands when it comes to throttle control, flight performance, Flight speed and agility plus awesome increase in Flight time (Best Flight endurance). Now easily a 20+ minutes of flight is possible using 3S 4400mAh 2P batteries while cruising in GPS Position hold mode. OFM seeker 450 V2 is Perfectly suited for aerial surveillance of large areas and long range FPV flights.

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Product Description

OFM Seeker-450 V2 Special Edition

Now with New Tiger Motors V2 High Quality High Efficiency Motors

The newest in OFM multirotors line, OFM Seeker-450 V2 is carefully built and highly customized by Alishanmao for each and every individual orders. Your machine will be flight tested before shipping out to make sure every customized feature you require is working perfectly.

OFM Seeker-450 V2 with its current configuration, perfectly suites various needs and offers superb flight capabilities to achieve your mission in each of the following fields.

  • Aerial Filming,DSC01152
  • First Person View (FPV) flights for fun or to serve
  • Search and rescue,
  • Aerial Surveillance,
  • Property filming (indoors and outdoors),
  • Golf course and Race track Aerial filming
  • land and Mining surveys
  • Night Search and Rescue missions using night vision and FLIR
  • Neighborhood watch
  • Property or land watch
  • Animal watch and Animal Search and rescue
  • Fire watch or Forest Fire watch
  • Hazmat applications
  • Law Enforcement (riot watch etc)
  • Wedding and party filming
  • and much more

Ability to fly 20+ minutes and carrying good payload, plus lots of space to mount other equipment like FLIR and so,  OFM Seeker-450  instantly becomes a perfect choice for people in various professional fields.

Current Flight controller Features

OFM Seeker-450 V2 current setup with DJI Naza M GPS lite offers following features

  • Fast and stable manual flight mode
  • Attitude hold and solid GPS Position hold flight modes
  • Altitude hold
  • Intelligent Orientation control, Course lock and home lock features for beginners and starter pilots
  • Auto Return to home and land on demand
  • Failsafe Auto Return to home and Land if Seeker 450 goes out of control range.

DSC00505Other components and Specs

  • New Balanced high Efficiency outrunner TM V2 motors (Pictures may Vary)
  • 20A Pre programmed Customized for multirotors ESCs with special multirotor firmware for 4S battery setup
  • Balanced Carbon fiber 10 inch Propellers
  • Futaba T8J Radio system (offering 1.2km to 1.5km control range on stock setup)
  • DJI Naza M GPS lite all setup, perfectly tweaked and flight tested for best flight performance
  • Custom connectors and parallel cable. Very easy to replace ESCs

More cool things to consider

  • rigid and tough frame, and arms.
  • Lots of space on frame to mount various equipment (Make sure to keep the payload capacity in mind)
  • Specially designed for FPV with wider angle front arms and longer frame to mount FPV equipment
  • uses standard DJI F450 / F550 Arms. You will never run out of supplies if you crash and break arms.
  • Camera gimbal mounting and dismounting is as easy as 123 with the use of rubber damping balls. no screws. use gimbal or do not use it, its all your choice.
What you get when you order OFM Seeker-450 RTF
  • Fully Assembled, setup, tweaked for best flight performance and flight tested OFM Seeker 450 V2 SE with motors, ESCs and Propellers
  • Futaba T8J Radio System with R2008SB Receiver (Rx installed on machine)
  • DJI Naza M GPS lite System (both installed, setup, and flight tested)
  • Propellers set (10 inch Propellers 2 sets)
  • Parallel  XT60 Connectors to use two batteries in Parallel


DSC01149Optional stuff to be bought separately

GoPro cameras, FPV Camera, FPV System, Batteries and or Chargers are not included. these are all optional stuff that you will need to buy yourself

What do you need to make it fly
  • Highly recommended 11.1v 4500mAh 25C Lipoly batteries. Use two of them in Parallel to get 20+ minutes flight time
  • or for more power use 14.8v 5000mAh 25C lipoly battery
  • Get Charger and batteries using AliShanMao as discount code from
What to do before flight
  • Remember you need to add Propellers and Camera gimbal before flight and you need to calibrate your GPS compass.
  • Email us at and get the preflight setup guide if you have not received one.
  • Read the DJI Naza M GPS user manual for installation of propellers and GPS Compass calibration.
  • Warning! Improper or not successful GPS Compass calibration can result in your machine going out of control and crash during flight. So pay special attention to this step. We will not be responsible for any crash or damage if your machine goes out of control or crashes due to improper use or improper GPS Compass calibration. If you are beginner, we highly suggest you seek professional or experienced people to do it for you.

Videos Gallery

OFM Seeker 450 V2 SE Quadcopter Videos Collection Playlist

September 2, 2013: Testing of the OFM Seeker 450 V2 Special Edition reveals a Max Flight speed of
101kmph, Cruise speed of 75kmph and a total distance of 6.2km covered in 10 minutes flight. Its now very much possible to go 4km to 5km and back with OFM Seeker 450 V2 Special Edition

6.2km total distance covered in single 10 minutes flight with 75kmph average cruise speed

A beautiful Night flight at Yandi Square Lake Park Zhuzhou City Hunan province of China.

This video is shot by our Customer Gaetan Boivin in Canada using OFM Seeker 450 V2 Quadcopter RTF.

This video was shot in Kuwait by one of my customer Hussein Who came to China to buy my OFM Seeker 450 V2 and got himself a sweet Customized Seeker 450 V2 with Futaba 10CG Radio. Plus got some training too. This is a great night FPV Video in Kuwait using Seeker 450 V2. Keep up the good work Hussien and send us more videos.

And a tour of Golf course by one of our Customers Gaeton Boivin

All OFM Seeker 450 V2 SE videos are here in this playlist




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