Raffle Ticket – Drone


Purchase this virtual Drone Raffle Ticket to Enter the Drone Raffle Giveaway #1

Drones Raffle Giveaway #1


1st Place: MJX MEW4-1 WiFi FPV GPS Camera Drone

2nd Place: Mini WiFi FPV GPS Camera Drone


We will draw winners by randomly selecting order numbers of these tickets from our sales database once the Raffle Giveaway is over. Time line will be announced in social media posts for Raffle Giveaway.

Winnings and winners will be informed on our social media. so keep an eye on our Social media in a place:

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Why Raffle Giveaway? (we are non profit)

In this post Covid 19 world, shipping prices are gone insane high. We will use these funds from Raffle tickets to pay for shipping costs to deliver prizes to winners. and if we have any remaining funds, we will use them to support our Channel and support Charities to needy. In case we use the remaining funds of raffle giveaway for Charity, after shipping costs coverage of winners items shipped, we will post receipts and proof of charity on our social media.

We hope that our followers will understand the reasons and decision for Raffle Giveaways and support it. 

Terms and Conditions for Raffle Giveaway:

By Purchasing this ticket you are agreeing and are bound to following terms and conditions.

  1. These are non profit raffle. we are not doing raffles to make money. Merely trying to cover expenses and if we save some funds, we will use those to support our channel and or donate to needy using online charity organizations.
  2. These Raffle Giveaway will run for a set period of time and may have their own rules and regulations, terms and conditions mentioned in dedicated posts on our social media for each and on same ticket page like this one. We will follow those time lines and rules of Raffle Giveaways strictly.
  3. Raffle Giveaway are not free of cost. you have to purchase a virtual ticket to be able to enter. Winners will be selected only through the purchased ticket order number, Order ID.
  4. Raffle Giveaway has a certain threshold for world wide shipping costs coverage for the prize items. If that amount threshold is not met, we reserve the right to cancel the raffle giveaways. In such cases all paid tickets will be refunded.
  5. Upon purchase of this ticket you agree that this ticket purchase amount is not refundable, nor transferable to any other users. unless if we cancel the raffle giveaway for some reasons. 
  6. Each Raffle ticket purchase link will be posted as a virtual product on this site separately for its own Raffle Giveaway. These are virtual tickets, so you won’t get or receive anything physically.
  7. If you did not win any prize in this raffle, ticket amount will not be refunded, nor it will be transferred to upcoming raffles. 
  8. There can be more than one raffle giveaway running at the same time.
  9. You are allowed to buy multiple tickets of each raffle giveaway at the same time. we will use the order IDs to draw winners for each raffle giveaway once it finishes its running duration.
  10. You can buy more than one ticket to each raffle. More tickets to same raffle will increase the chances of your winnings
  11. When ordering this ticket, please create you account on our site and enter your shipping details and phone number. We will double check with you to confirm your shipping address and contact if you win the raffle.
  12. We will do our best to ship the Raffle Giveaway prizes to winners no matter where they are in this world.
  13. Can’t Ship the Prize Item Case 1: In some cases, we won’t be able to ship the prize to winner if they are in a country where shippers and forwarders do not support shipping. In such cases we will contact winners and mutually agree to transfer the prize to another randomly picked winner. For such case, we will refund the costs of raffle ticket to winner who is unable to receive the prize due to shipping restrictions to their countries.
  14. Can’t Ship the Prize Item Case 2: In some cases, we can’t ship batteries (if prize includes batteries) due to different rules and regulations in destination countries. In such cases we will contact winners and mutually agree to either ship the prize without batteries to Winner, or if winner agrees, we will transfer the prize to another randomly picked winner. In case Winner agrees to transfer the win to another randomly picked winner, we will refund the costs of raffle ticket to winner who is unable to receive the prize due to shipping restrictions to their countries.
  15. If someone wins the raffle giveaway prize and changes his/her mind to not receive the prize. The Raffle Ticket price will not be refunded. In such case we will randomly pick another winner from raffle ticket order IDs.
  16. Once the Raffle giveaway prize is shipped, we are not responsible for any shipping damage, shipping losses to prize and product shipped. we will not fulfil any refund for raffle ticket either.  In such cases you may contact shippers to resolve your issues.
  17. Any Customs duties, taxes or additional charges, or any additional documents that winner needs to produce to be able to receive the prize shipped to them at their destinations, is all their own responsibilities. Once we ship the raffle giveaway prize / item, we are not responsible for any such additional expenses, nor we can help with any documentations.
  18. Please check your countries rules and regulations to receive Raffle Giveaway items by international shippers in advance and make sure you can receive such items, then purchase this raffle giveaway ticket. In case you are unable to receive the item / prize shipped to you, due to any reason whatsoever, the Raffle Ticket costs will not be refunded.
  19. We (OnlyFlyingMachines and AliShanMao) reserve the rights to change the terms and conditions with a short notice on our social media few days in advance.