650S V2 SuperX Edition 6
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OFM650S V2 Quadcopter for Compact DSLR Cameras

$5,300.00 $4,999.00

The New OFM650S V2 SuperX Edition. It just got bigger, better and more powerful

OFM650S V2 SuperX Edition is one superb Multirotor platform that will grow with you and your skills of Aerial Photography.  This is a carefully designed machine for Professional Aerial filming using compact DSLR Cameras.

With this RTF offer, we do all the tedious building, assembly, and soldering job plus careful Flight controller setup with Futaba 14SG radio Systems. We test fly it and tweak the settings before shipping it out to you, so that you will enjoy amazing flight performance of this superb aerial filming machine, without wasting any time on building and assembly. You will instantly be flying and shooting pro aerial footage.

This is by far the best seller, one of the best ever designed multirotor frame and by far the bestest value Folding frame when it comes to transportation and storage. Very quick deployment and very easy storage and transportation. And it just got a little bigger and more powerful. Now capable of flying with 6S Lithium Polymer battery, this rig can offer you a good 15 to 20+ minutes flight times.


Important notice for slight price increase: I personally constantly test my multirotors in order to bring my customers better multirotors with improved flight performance. As a result your Quadcopter might have different motors than shown in Pictures on site and videos. But rest assured, all the power combos and motors are chosen with careful consideration to improve the flight performance and Quality only.

Important Notice for Shipping: Due to Recent changes in Shipping charges released by China International Express, any box bigger than 60cm will not fall in weight category but in size category. Thus making the shipping a bit more costly and out of our Free Shipping offer range. We therefore no longer offer Free Shipping for bigger models.

As per our new decision, we will inform the customer the exact shipping amount before the shipment of their finished and packed machines, and will ship out the package immediately upon receipt of shipping charges.

We hope for your support and understanding.


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Product Description

“We do all the tedious jobs at our end and put tremendous efforts to bring you a pleasant and professional aerial filming experience”

SuperX Installation on 650S V2 Important Update February 2014: OFM 650S V2 is now OFM 650S V2 SuperX Edition. The all new 2014 OFM650S V2 SuperX Edition will now come pre equipped, assembled and flight tested with XAircraft SuperX Flight controller gear, XAircraft Stella Gimbal, XAircraft OSD and Quality FPV System. Customers can simply do the pre flight setup as per instructions provided, plug their GoPro 3 Camera in, and GoPro 3 Video Feed will be transmitted to your 7inch LCD Screen for you to fly FPV and Shoot Professional Aerial videos instantly. Full Flight data telemetry on your LCD screen to fly FPV and get precise Aerial filming shots We are also using new high Efficiency Motors now.

650S V2 SuperX Edition 2OFM650 V4 Standard and Professional Quadcopters are one of the best machines that OnlyFlyingMachines offer. They are also my hot sellers. When it comes to someone who wants to start with Aerial filming business, with and without any multirotor flying Experience, OFM 650s are the best machines to go with. We have tons of happiest customers who fly OFM 650s on daily basis. I (AliShanMao) constantly test new power combos and keep upgrading my machines so that I can offer my customers the smoothest and worry free Professional aerial filming solutions. As a result of this testing, the OFM650 V4 Standard has just taken the next step towards a superb transformation. Its now a brilliant Aerial filming platform, that offers more flight stability, more power and more flight time.  OFM650S V2 is now an unbeatable machine when it comes to Professional Aerial filming using Compact DSLR Cameras.

New offer of OFM650S V2 RTF now supports batteries upto 6S (22.2v) and comes with:

  • 650S V2 SuperX Edition 1Powerful High efficiency Balanced Motors. Super high efficiency, very quiet and fully balanced Brushless outrunner disc motors
  • Custom ESCs, with Special Multirotor SimonK firmware and carefully Throttle calibrated using the Radio supplied with Machine
  • Balanced 13 inch Mark 2 Carbon Fiber Propellers with bent Tips. Super efficient, and quiet propellers.
  • OFM650S V2 SuperX Edition now offers improved flight efficiency, flight performance, Payload, Smoother Throttle response, Quiet flight, better flight control, improved and easier take off and longer flight times. Upto 20+ minutes or more is now possible.
  • Flight time: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Effective Control Range: 3km
  • Max payload: 1.5kg
  • Suitable batteries: 6S 5000mAh 35C to 10000mAh 35C

OFM650S V2 5The OFM650S V2 SuperX Edition Quadcopter is one brilliant platform for starters to intermediate and experienced Multirotor pilots to kick start their Aerial filming career. Its folding frame offers easy storage and easy transportation.

OFM650S V2 SuperX Edition  now uses totally redesigned and stronger central frame that offers plenty of space to mount all sort of flight controllers and electronics, longer arms and longer motor  mounts. Motor mounts are completely redesigned and now are CNC Metal motor mounts. They are longer and add extra length to arms, thus making this machine even bigger in its all out diameter and motor to motor distance. Its not 650 anymore. its a 700 Size ultra strong aerial filming rig. 650S V2 SuperX Edition 6This bigger version now, takes lower kv motors and spins bigger efficient propellers (both CF or XOAR wooden) to ensure better flight stability, efficiency, control and improved payload. Carrying Compact DSLR is just a breeze for this machine and it will still offer superb extended flight time compared to older versions. Frame is extra rigid and takes minor crashes with smile.

When you order this RTF (Ready to fly combo, you will get the following: OFM FPV GS LCD 1   OFM650S V2 Fully Assembled machine with 

  • Above setup will simply Deliver Superb flight performance and you will love the smoother flight of this Pro Aerial filming Quad. With supplied FPV System you do not need to look around for any other FPV System. you can start flying FPV and shoot precise video and pictures with OFM 650S V2 SuperX Edition.High Efficiency Brushless disc motors
  • one set of Balanced 12inch Mark 2 Carbon Fiber Propellers
  • one set of Balanced 13inch Mark 2 Carbon Fiber Propellers
  • Custom ESCs with SimonK Firmware specially designed for multirotors
  • XAircraft SuperX Flight system Installed, all options configured and flight tested
  • futk8010-lgFutaba T8FG Radio System
  • XAircraft Stella Brushless Gimbal
  • Professional Carrying Case
  • Quality FPV System setup with XAircraft OSD to get Precise flight data with Live video on 7inch Super bright LCD Screen with built in specially tuned 5.8ghz Video Receiver. 

Stella Gimbal 4Camera Gimbal

Now OFM 650S V2 SuperX Edition comes together with XAircraft Stella Brushless gimbal that offers next generation of Image Stabilization and at the same time takes the Live video out from your GoPro 3 to feed to XA OSD and transmit Live video with Precise Flight data telemetry to ground station.
Watch the Pre flight setup video on my channel to assist you for pre flight setup. We highly recommend you first study all the user manuals before attempting to fly your machine. Once you have your OFM650S V2 SuperX Edition in your hands, all you need to do is
  1. Get a few 6s (22.2v 5000mAh Lithium polymer batteries) Get good batteries at and use AliShanMao as discount code.
  2. Get your Quadcopter out, Unfold
  3. Attach Camera mount and Landing Gear
  4. Add propellers
  5. Add battery
  6. Put your GoPro or your camera on Cam Mount
  7. Calibrate Compass (Different Geographic locations need compass re-calibration) to get better GPS position hold at your place. Make sure to follow the user manual.
  8. Start flying and shooting professional aerial videos.

650S V2 SuperX Edition 3Frame Specs:

  • Dimension diameter with motor to motor and props: upto 880mm
  • Frame weight 1075g
  • Max Payload capacity: 1500g
  • Max Gross Take off weight: 3000g (Do not overload or it will cause crash)
  • Flight Endurance: 15 to 24 minutes with 6S 5000mAh lipo battery if AFW is under limits

For Additional Propellers, motors and ESCs kindly order separate or inform us before ordering.

Whats more, Using XAircraft SuperX Flight Controller OFM650S V2 offers handy features like442214737_640

  • Solid GPS Position hold so you can fully focus on getting best shots from your camera instead of focusing on flying
  • Solid Altitude hold. Just set the throttle to middle and your quad will maintain its current altitude with its GPS position during flight.
  • Auto Return to home and land. In case you lost your video feed and or your Control signal, activate your failsafe and your quadcopter will fly back to you and land safely.
  • Intelligent three level failsafe features and Lipo battery low voltage protection features
  • Improved take off for all levels of pilots.
  • Basic FPV System upto 1km range Line of sight and a super bright LCD Screen to get you started flying FPV Right away.
  • superx-osd-1Next Generation of Image stabilization and live video from your GOPro 3 Camera using Stella gimbal that feeds the video to XAircraft OSD to provide the pilots with precise Flight data telemetry in order to assist them to make better decision to fly and control their Quadcopter.
  • And now Full autonomous flight capability coming soon

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Media Gallery

OFM 650S V2 serving in professional field. This is OFM 650S V2 used for Power Line Inspections in Mexico. Video By our Customer.