OFM MPQ V1 Title 2
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OFM MPQ V1 (My Personal Quad) MX For Aerial Filming

$4,699.00 $4,199.00

OnlyFlyingMachines brings you another Masterpiece from the hands of Quad Master AliShanMao. This is the Ultimate FPV and Aerial filming machine. Whether you want to start your Aerial filming career or just want something to shoot amazing Aerial videos with GoPro 3 or Compact DSLR like Sony NEX series or Canon Rebel series, OFM MPQ V1 is your ultimate first choice.

OFM MPQ V1 is My Personal Quad, designed to bring you hours of ultimate fun short range or long range FPV flights together with Professional grade Aerial filming with GoPro or Compact DSLR Cameras.

Important notice for slight price increase: I personally constantly test my multirotors in order to bring my customers better multirotors with improved flight performance. As a result your Quadcopter might have different motors than shown in Pictures on site and videos. But rest assured, all the power combos and motors are chosen with careful consideration to improve the flight performance and Quality only.

Important Notice for Shipping: Due to Recent changes in Shipping charges released by China International Express, any box bigger than 60cm will not fall in weight category but in size category. Thus making the shipping a bit more costly and out of our Free Shipping offer range. We therefore no longer offer Free Shipping for bigger models.

As per our new decision, we will inform the customer the exact shipping amount before the shipment of their finished and packed machines, and will ship out the package immediately upon receipt of shipping charges.

We hope for your support and understanding.

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Product Description

OFM MPQ V1 Title 2

One of our MPQ V1 Customer email:

" Dear Ali:
How you doing there. I'd like to share with you, 
this week we had flown 37 minutes with the MPQ1 V1 
with its 6S 10000 mAh.
It has a superb maneuvrability characteristics.
Best regards and salutes for your family.
Enviado desde mi iPhone"


Update February 2014 (Now offer complete with FPV bundle)

The new 2014 OFM MPQ V1 lite will now come pre equipped, assembled and flight tested with XAircraft Flight controller gear, Gimbal, OSD and Quality FPV System. Customers can simply do the pre flight setup as per instructions provided, plug their GoPro 3 Camera in, and GoPro 3 Video Feed will be transmitted to your 7inch LCD Screen for you to fly FPV and Shoot Professional Aerial videos instantly. Full Flight data telemetry on your LCD screen. 


OFM MPQ V1 Quadcopter 12

OFM MPQ (My Personal Quad) V1 is simply another masterpiece Quadcopter from the hands of Quad Master AliShanMao. OFM MPQ V1 comes with carefully sought out Power combo to suite Various Aerial filming needs and offers Professional grade Aerial filming flight performance. Whether you want to have fun, Simply Fly FPV and Shot personal Aerial videos to share with family friends and the world, you want to fly Long range fpv for professional use and aerial surveillance or you want to make money by shooting professional aerial videos using light weight compact DSLR Cameras, OFM MPQ V1 will serve your purpose with its unmatched flight performance.

OFM MPQ V1 is My Personal Quad, designed to bring you hours of ultimate fun short range or long range FPV flights together with Professional grade Aerial filming capabilities with GoPro or Compact mirrorless Cameras. And now the new 2014 offer comes with more trusted Flight controller, and FPV System with precise Flight data telemetry using XA OSD and 5.8ghz 600mw FatShark Compatible FPV System onboard. Explore the skies with MPQ V1 right after your preflight setup is done.


Features of OFM MPQ V1:

  • XA Stella Gimbal 2Max Payload on 4S setup GoPro 3 with brushless gimbal,  and FPV System (1kg) Keep it light and she will reward you with bestest flight performance
  • Max Control Distance: 3km
  • Max Ceiling: 2000 meters
  • Max Speed in manual mode for experienced pilots only: 85kmph to 100kmph
  • Cruise Speed: 55kmph to 75kmph
  • Max Flight time: 18 to 25 minutes depending upon payload and Power combo Setup
  • GPS Position hold
  • Altitude Hold
  • Auto return to home and land on demand
  • Auto return to home and land Failsafe (in case control signal is lost)
  • DSC011735.8ghz 600mw FatShark Compatible FPV System (Video Tx and Rx) and Super bright 7inch LCD with 5.8ghz 32 Channel Diversity Rx build in, for instant FPV flights out of box. Minimum easy as 123 setup required.
  • Very Accurate and complete Flight data telemetry to your FPV LCD Screen using XA OSD
  • XA Stella 2 axis ultimat steady Brushless gimbal
  • Stella Gimbal takes your GoPro 3 video out and feeds it to OSD to provide Live video feed from your GoPro 3 and accurate Flight data to fly FPV Flights with more confidence and get precise aerial shots from your GoPro 3
  • Folding Frame for easy transportation and storage.
  • Professional carrying case

OFM MPQ V1 Quadcopter 13OFM MPQ V1 in its stock settings suit for the following purposes:

  • Aerial Filming,
  • First Person View (FPV) flights for fun or to serve (max 3km flights possible)
  • Search and rescue,
  • Aerial Surveillance,
  • Property filming
  • Golf course and Race track Aerial filming
  • land and Mining surveys
  • Night Search and Rescue missions using night vision and FLIR
  • Neighborhood watch
  • Property or land watch
  • Animal watch and Animal Search and rescue
  • Fire watch or Forest Fire watch
  • Hazmat applications
  • Law Enforcement (riot watch etc)
  • Wedding and party filming
  • and much more

[hr] OFM MPQ V1 Quadcopter 6What do you get when you order OFM MPQ V1 Lite

  • Completely built, setup, programmed and flight tested OFM MPQ V1 Quadcopter for 4S Battery Setup with High efficiency and powerful Brushless motors, custom SimonK Speed controllers and Trustable XAircraft MiniX complete Flight Gear offering Solid GPS Position hold, Altitude hold, Auto return to home and land features. and accurate Flight data telemetry to your ground station LCD.
  • Coming Android System Ground Control station offering single waypoint click and fly autonomous flight capabilities using google earth maps, One click take off, hover, land and auto return to home, flight with Android phone and follow me features.
  • Futaba T8FG Radio System 14Channel FASST 2.4ghz Technology offering solid 3km+ control range
  • superx-osd-1A set of High Efficiency 12 inch and 13 inch CF Mark 2 propellers
  • XAircraft Stella GoPro 3 Brushless Gimbal with Tilt control setup on your Radio and Live Video feed transmitted from your GoPro 3 camera
  • XAircraft OSD to provide precise flight data telemetry to your ground station in order to assist pilots to make better decision during flight.
  • Quality FPV System 600mw 32 Channel 5.8ghz Video Transmitter set to work with Xaircraft OSD and GoPro 3 Camera.
  • 7inch LCD Screen with Built in tuned 5.8ghz Video receiver compatible with FatShark Video transmitters.
  • Professional Carrying Case


You can now order your MPQ V1 Professional Carrying case before shipment, right from us. Check out how easy it makes your life when you have your MPQ V1 Professional Carrying case. To be ordered Separately

OFM MPQ V1 in Pro Carring case

No need to look for any FPV System. Now OFM MPQ V1 comes complete with FPV System and OSD for your instant FPV flights right out of box. of course a super easy pre flight setup will be needed. 




Conclusion: I (AliShanMao) designed this machine to be DSC00352My Personal Quadcopter, and to suite my flying style of Short to long range FPV flights together with professional grade GoPro 3 Aerial filming. That is the reason OFM MPQ V1 offers an unbeatable and unmatch FPV / Aerial filming flight capabilities and its going to be your Personal Quad for a long while.




[hr] Video Gallery. See OFM MPQ V1 in Action OFM MPQ V1 in High and low Altitude Aerial filming action

2km stretch Amazing FPV Fun with OFM MPQ V1

Our Customer learns to fly OFM MPQ V1 in just few minutes.