E-Glide V4 XT 65kg Thrust Light Weight Electric Paramotor


  • Worlds lightest and Most Powerful Electric Paramotor.
  • Affordable, Cleaner, Quieter and Environment Friendly.
  • Flight Time Up to 1 hour or more. 
  • More customization is available
  • We can provide batteries, chargers and other accessories as well
  • 3D Printed accessories can be provided and customized as per customer needs

Note: If you like to order this, please email to first and obtain an invoice. we do not fulfill direct orders via paypal. Because we have to build each combo custom for our clients. 

We are happy to announce the release of our Complete Light weight and powerful (upto 65kg of thrust) Electric Paramotor, The E-Glide V4 XT. This is a brand new upgraded electric power combo with waterproof controller, Waterproof wireless throttle controller, battery voltage meter and low voltage alarms. This light weight yet most powerful Electric paramotor will pump a monster thrust up to 65kg that makes it an ideal choice for heavier pilots or lighter pilots wanting to build a small trike.

Beginners, student, kids learners, female pilots and light weight pilots can now get into this amazing hobby and start flying. This is the easiest, safest and cheapest way for you to learn to fly and be in the skies. Fulfill your dream of flying.

E-Glide V4 XT is very easy to assemble, and setup. You can literally assemble it in 2 minutes and get to flying without wasting any of your precious time. Experience the maintenance free, low noise, environment friendly, punchy powerful electric power to fly.

What do you get when you order the PNP Combo?

  • New V4 XT Combo (new 30kW Motor, Waterproof Speed Controller, and 2 blades 42inch Carbon Fiber Propeller) x 1
  • Power Combo Seat Steel Welded x 1
  • Red or Black color Paramotor Frame
  • OFM Paramotor Harness
  • Wireless Throttle Controller
  • Custom Battery Box and Covers
  • Custom Battery Box
  • HV Gold Plated Connectors Installed
  • HV UBEC Regulator for Rx
  • Accessories

If you like to get Low Voltage Alarms, battery voltage display and other customization, please feel free to email us at

We can provide custom embossed logos, Selected Colors  and designs Covers, Boxes and Receiver boxes. Other 3D Printed accessories are also available on demand. if you like your own design 3D printed accessories we can also print and include with power combo for you. 

More updates, accessories and mods will be released in near future. Stay tuned to this page.

Flight Testing Videos Of E-Glide V4 Lite Electric Paramotor



Updates 3-11-2022

Today I flew after 3 years of my foot surgery with my E-Glide V4 Lite.

Instantly I realize how light weight, easy to handle yet extremely powerful it is. I had to reduce the throttle to 30% and I took off with ease and I Cruised around at 10-15% throttle.

Today was absolutely a wonderful day. Videos coming soon to my Channel.





Update: 1-20-2022

Today my Paramotor instructor (Mr. Zeng), a very experienced PPG Pilot Flew my E-Glide V4 Lite Electric Paramotor and he was super impressed. Right after flight he booked one E-Glide V4 for himself.


According to him, He took off only with 1/4 of throttle, cruised around with very little throttle and that even without winds he would need max 65% throttle to take off.



Mr. Zeng also mentioned that its the lightest, extremely powerful, Quieter than engines, easy to handle machine that he has ever flown. Besides he loves the way there is no torque roll on this. He was surprised, and he is super impressed by my E-Glide V4 Lite Performance.

Videos coming soon to my Channel. More updates here as well:






Update 1-19-2022

Today was an splendid afternoon to ground test the new E-Glide V4 Plug and Play Electric Paramotor conversion Power combo. It offers smooth throttle response, a punchy powerful thrust and superb cruising capabilities. not to mention, it takes only 5 minutes to install E-Glide V4 PNP Electric Paramotor Conversion combo in a suitable gasoline engine paramotor frame. What’s more the safety features to disarm the motor during flight should anything goes wrong, are a plug points to consider.

More ground testing and Flight testing videos of E-Glide V4 Lite Electric paramotor are going to follow. Stay tuned.


Update 1-18-2022

E-Glide V4 Lite Electric Paramotor is ready for Ground Testing. Last minute 3D prints are in progress. Batteries are Charging. Ground Testing starts tomorrow insha Allah. This is the lightest Electric Paramotor in the world with a Punchy 53kg of Thrust.

More details on this page:

Stay tuned for E-Glide V4 Pro Electric paramotor with 74kg of thrust coming soon.