E-Glide V3 Electric Paramotor Power Combo Only


E-Glide V3, Electric Paramotor Power combo Kit only. Build your dream electric Paramotor in a day and fly like bird in the skies. The most powerful Electric Paramotor Power combo in the market. This is your chance to get into Powered Paragliding in an affordable way.

E-Glide V3. One of the most affordable and easiest way to get you in the skies with clean green Electric Powered Flight. Build your own Electric Paramotor easily with this superb, light weight and very powerful Power combo.

The motor is rated to generated 65kg of thrust that can offer you amazing climb rate at full throttle. Power combo uses hobby grade Lithium Polymer batteries easily available in market and can provide flight times up to 25 to 45 minutes depending upon battery capacity and flight style. A Custom 450A Speed controller and a Beast 30-35kW Motor that spins 42 inch propeller, E-Glide V3 Power combo will get you an amazing high Thrust not possible with other electric paramotors in the market.

This power combo can move a small car on full throttle. You can even build fast Air boats with this Power combo. This incredible Power is available by just a small move of your finger using a Wireless Throttle Controller. You can easily set a cruise throttle on your wireless throttle controller and go hands free to get yourself adjusted in the seat or get some amazing shots using your cameras.

Custom built Motor with German Produced parts is lightweight and incredibly powerful. Custom Speed Controller is tweak able using a computer and USB Connection. Speed Controller offers Fail safe options and will stop the motor so you can glide and land safely. This Fail safe will kick in instantly if:

  • wireless throttle signals are lost
  • wireless throttle batteries run out
  • you accidentally dropped wireless controller during flight and it goes out of range
  • Batteries Overheat
  • Batteries are drained equal to or below set low voltage limits
  • Motor overheating
  • Speed Controller Overheating

You can order the Power combo build your own electric Paramotor quick in a day. When you order the Power combo, you will get the Following:

  1. Custom 450A Speed Controller x 1
  2. Custom 30-35kW Motor x 1
  3. Carbon Fiber 2 blade propeller x 1
  4. Professional 24K Gold Plated Connectors x 1 Set
  5. Wireless Throttle Connector x 1
  6. UBEC 5V 3A x 1

We can supply batteries as well. If you would like to order batteries as well, please let us know.

Note: This is the power combo only, that includes exactly what described in the product description. This is not a complete paramotor. If you would like us to build you a complete paramotor, we can provide custom jobs.


Motor Specifications:

30kw 60kg Thrust Sensorless Motor

  • KV: 55
  • RATED POWER: 12kw
  • MAX VOLT: 100V
  • RPM: 5500
  • SIZE: 154 x 69.5( without shaft )
  • TORQUE: 50Nm
  • POLES: 20 (40 MAGANET)
  • SLOT:36
  • PWM:8-16KHZ
  • NET WEIGHT (kg):3.5
  • SHAFT: 15mm

Speed Controller Specifications:

  • 22S 450A Brushless ESC
  • Peak Amps 450A
  • Programmable
  • 8AWG Wires
  • OPTO no BEC
  • Size: 205x90x45mm
  • Weight: 960g
  • Li-MH/Li-Po,Ne-Cd/Ne-mH,LiFe battery types
  • Reverse function, the delay time of reverse is adjustable.
  • Motor forward/reverse power adjustable
  • Auto cut off  power within 3 seconds if no radio signal
  • Timing setting adjusted (0-30deg) to suit the motor type

Propeller Specifications:

  • Size: 42 Inch
  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Brand Name: T-MOTOR, OEM
  • Color: Black
  • Excellent Quality, High Efficiency
  • CW*1 or CCW *1 (per pair)
  • Thrust Limitation: 85kg
  • Surface Treatment: Glossy