Eachine E011 Brick RC Drones

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Eachine E011 are the best Eachine Mini Quadcopters that Eachine has ever released. Eachine E011 6 axis Gyro, 2.4ghz RC headless mode Quadcopters take the Mini RC Drone flights to next level of fun by adding these tiny little Brick Characters to them. Eachine E011 can Carry Brick / Lego Characters, Lego People, Bricks Blocks and you can only imagine the possibilities of customizing these little drones to your liking. Now you can build your Eachine E011 with lego blocks and Carry one of your favorite brick / Lego character and take the RC mini drone flying fun to indoor Lego Brick People dog fights and battles. Eachine E011 comes in two characters’ versions. The Fiery Dark Knight and the Icy Bright Saint. You can assemble these little characters and enjoy flying them on board your Quadcopters. Eachine has specially tweaked the hardware of these mini Quadcopters to carry such payload. I am amazed of the payload carrying capabilities of these little quadcopters and the good flight times they offer on a single 3.7v 250mAh battery. Due to their superior payload capabilities and flight performance, Eachine E011 mini RC Quadcopters make the best Tiny FPV Whoop to fly FPV proximity indoors and or go for indoor FPV Racing with these. These make the cheapest FPV Tiny whoop and are much more powerful, offer much more flight time and superior flight capabilities. Not only that, you can still carry your Lego bricks on board and customize yourself a good Brick Cockpit for your FPV Flights. These are two thumbs up, highly recommended Products. In fact, Eachine E011 are the must have Quadcopters for every Mini Indoor RC Quadcopter lovers.

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