DuoTork 3200W (Dual Motor) Electric Scooter


The Ultimate Urban On Road and Off Road Electric Mobility

E-Mobo DuoTork Electric Scooter.

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“I was flying very low Altitude with E-Mobo DuoTork today.
E-Mobo DuoTork has the most Adrenalin¬†filled rides ever”

AliShanMao – 1/6/2018



“I just did fastest Speed Run on E-Mobo DuoTork Dual motor E-Scooter Tonight. DuoTork is by far the best E-Scooter you will ever put your sweet bottoms on”

AliShanMao – 1/5/2018


When you Order All New E-Mobo DuoTork Electric Scooter, you are in for some sweet surprises. E-Mobo DuoTork is one of the most powerful E-Scooters available for your Daily Urban Mobility. Whether its on road or off road, DuoTork will definitely keep surprising you with its powerful performance and Adrenalin filled rides.

E-Mobo DuoTork packs 1600W x 2 Motors and a Pure Tire screeching, Punchy Torque, Wheelie Pulling racing attitude. And when you need mileage, The ECO mode will bring you fun relaxing long rides from 70-100km. Don’t be shy by challengers riding other E-Scooters along side you. Just Say yes, turn off ECO mode, Engage Dual motors and you can smoke any Challenge on the road while on E-Mobo Duotork. This E-Scooter can pick up some serious speeds up to 100kmph. So you better wear some serious safety gear when riding DuoTork.

All New E-Mobo’s DuoTork Electric Scooter is going to be your ultimate Electric Powered Urban Mobility and Daily Commute E-Scooter.


Key Features

  1. Dual 1600W Motors
  2. 70-100km Mileage. Best for daily urban commute and beating the traffic
  3. 85km Speed. Max 90km Speed.
  4. ECO Mode for higher mileage
  5. Turbo Mode for Faster Acceleration and speed (Full Throttle on dual motors, You may see Speedometer showing only 99kmph. In fact its because it can show only 2 digits. you might be doing more than that)
  6. Single and dual motor drive for Powerful Torque – Burn Rubber or Pull Wheelies
  7. Off Road Tires – Go Off Road and rip some Terrain
  8. Folding Design for easy transportation and storage
  9. Dual Port Fast Charge
  10. Optional Folding Seat available
  11. USB Port for charging Mobile phone while commuting
  12. 10W X2 Super Bright Angel Eyes LED Head lights
  13. 2 additional bright LED lights on Vertical Handle bar for extra light on road at night
  14. Fancy Color Switching Side LED Strips
  15. Dual Oil Hydraulics Disc Brakes (EBS Settings)
  16. Regenerative Braking
  17. and Much more.

Please note: Angel wings projection lights shown in picture are no more shipped with our scooters. 

No matter you want an E-Scooter for your daily Urban Mobility or you are a speed freak who loves to smoke competition around, E-Mobo DuoTork will never let you down. And rest assured, we build DuoTork with high Quality Parts only so you know your pennies are well spent.

Watch Videos later on our Youtube Channel. Coming soon.

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Customer Reviews

From (Shane USA)

Just wanted to touch base and give you an update about the scooter.  
This is really one hell of a scooter!  Nice day here today.  
Ride for about 15 min took a break and then ride for like another 25 min.  
Runs great and everything seems fine.  
You definitely have to get used to it like you said 
but now I am a really feeling pretty solid on it.  
Those lights are really cool too!  I am going to ride it 
some more tonight when it gets dark and check out those lights in the dark! 
It seems to go pretty fast without engaging those dual motors.  
Dualtork is definitely the best! Whoo!!

Weight 52 kg
Dimensions 129 × 30 × 60 in

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