Charsoon Magical Cube 50W Multi battery Charger

Charsoon Magical Cube Multi Core Charger is an amazing idea. Stop worrying about buying different types of chargers for different types of Batteries. Now all you need to do is buy the A B C and D Cores and connect them instantly to your Charsoon Magic Cube Main Core and start charging various types of batteries instantly. You can connect up to 16 cores to main core to charge many batteries at the same time. Charsoon will charge 2 batteries simultaneously and once charged, will switch to other batteries on the cores. Charsoon Magic Cube is going to solve your multiple batteries and different types of batteries charging issues forever.


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This the Main core. you can order other cores on my site as well. or order using links below.

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Input Voltage 11-18V
Charging Power Max.50W x 2
Charging Current Max 5A x 2
Balancing Current Max.800Ma
Battery Type Lipo, LiFe, LiHv
Battery Cells 2-6S
Discharge Power TYP.5W(Magic-Cube Cell A)
TYP.3W(Magic-Cube Cell B)
Dimensions 95.5×66 mm
Weight 185g
Storage-discharge Modes Synchronous discharge, time reuse
Cabin temperature control charge and discharge power, automatic power adaptation
Storage Mode Parameters
A: Intelligent battery, must be switched on, can identify and perform store operations;
B: Intelligent battery, stored voltage: 3.90V(not smart battery 3.85V)
C: Storage-discharge: security time 10hs
1.Compact size, snap-on design between two magic cube cell, easy to carry.
2. Strong compatibility. Different magic-cube cell can charge different type of battery.
3. High flexibility. Users can choose different magic-cube cell according to your own requirement. Free combination.
4. Strong independence. Every magic-cube cell can work independently.
5. Intelligent and efficient. Support two channel or multi-channel charging at the same time.
Manual: Click Here
Note: The package just include magical main core, without magical cell A, cell B, cell C or cell D. You have to purchase them separately to charge different battery.
Package Included:
1x Charsoon 50W 5A Magical Main Core Battery Charger