Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard

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This Amazing Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard is a super compact, lightweight gadget that projects a full-sized keyboard using laser for use with any Bluetooth enabled Smartphone, iOS Device, Laptops, PCs, and Tablets. Now you can carry this device anywhere with you, and project a full size keyboard anywhere on any surface to use with your Smartphones, iOS devices and tablets. No more cramping hands, tiring fingers to type using small screens on your smartphones and iPhones. Now you can project a full sized keyboard on any surface and type with speed and type with ease. It also provides mouse feature for extra ease of using your smartphone, iOS and tablet devices. This Laser projection keyboard is extremely useful and it’s a must have for all future gadget lovers or businessmen who are always on the go. No need to carry a PC, heavy laptop, or an independent keyboard occupying space in your luggage. Get yourself a Laser Projection keyboard and save yourself with troubles of carrying extra objects, type with ease and speed.