BGL 6G AutoPilot for RC FPV Planes and RC Cars

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Never lose another FPV Plane. Learn to Fly RC Planes with Confidence.

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BGL-6G-AP is a great product for FPV Pilots of all skills levels and beginners at the same time. it provides Auto leveling, stabilization and Auto Return to home with GPS.

Beginners can now learn to fly RC Planes with confidence using it as a Stabilizer and at the same time if something goes wrong, it will bring the plane back home and fly in circles above pilot. No more crashing

For FPV Pilots this makes a simple, super reliable and very affordable setup for both short range and long range flights.

You can also use it as a simple stabilizer and if you need, you can turn off stabilization to fly your RC Aircraft manually and or to perform aerobatics. Knowing that auto leveling and auto return to home is just one flick of a switch away to save your aircraft.

BGL 6G AP supports various RC Aircraft type including Normal RC Plane, Flying Wing, V Tails and even RC Vehicles steering stabilization like in RC Drift Cars.

Installation of this unit is as easy as 123 and it works like charm every time.

This is a great choice for all FPV and RC plane pilots to fly with confidence and reduce crashes due to pilot mistakes and or due to FPV system errors.



  1. – Integrated With 3 axis gyro and 3 axis accelerometer.
  2. – The auto balance function could avoid exploding and especially helpful for beginners.
  3. – One key to return safely when the distance is too far or out of control.
  4. – Can be set up to return your plane on the fail-safe of your receiver (Receiver must be enabled for fail-safe).
  5. – Easily switchable within Blance mode, Come home automatically mode and Gyro Off mode.



  • Dimensions: 23mm x 38mm
  • Weight: 23g (with connecting cables & GPS)
  • Operating voltage: DC 4.8V – 6V
  • Operating current: 30ma
  • Servo compatibility: 1.52ms analog servo, 1.52ms digital servo
  • Radio compatibility:PPM, PCM & 2.4G
  • Operating Temperature: -15℃ – 65℃


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