ProLAW Aqua Speeder V1 Power Combo


Compact Light weight and Powerful ProLAW Aqua Speeder V1 for Surfboards, Hydrofoils, SUPs, Kayaks and Mini boats. Experience the adrenalin filled electric Power in a mini power system

ProLAW Aqua Speeder V1 Power Combo is designed to power your surfboards, hydrofoils, SUPs and even Mini Boats and Kayaks.

ProLaw Aqua Speeder V1 Power Combo consist of A powerful Compact brushless motor, a marine 7 inch 3 blade Propeller and 120Amp Speed Controller that can easily produce a 27kg of crazy thrust to move you with power and speed. Aqua Speeder V1 Motor and Speed Controller are IP68 waterproof and you can easily install even the speed controller under water without any worries.

Operated on 48 volts, its easier to power them in an affordable way using just 2 pcs Lithium Polymer Hobby grade batteries (2 x 6s Lipo batteries) and or use or build your own 48v Li-Ion Packs.  ProLAW Aqua Speeder V1 is easy to configure, offers you plenty of options to install and mount on your water sports boards, surfboards, SUPs, Kayaks, Mini boats, Hydrofoils. Creativity and ideas are the limit here.

Power your Surfboards, Hydrofoils, SUPs, Kayaks and Mini boats and enjoy a totally new experience for your water sports.

Your Purchase Includes:

  • ProLAW 150KV Brushless Motor
  • ProLAW 120A ESC
  • ProLAW Aluminum Alloy 3 blade 7 inch Propeller

Note: Shipping costs are not included in this cost. We will inform you of shipping costs after confirmation of the order.

Motor Specs:
Motor dimension: 66*112mm
Motor stator slot: 12
Motor pole: 8
Motor KV:150
Motor Wire: 12AWG wire
Maximum voltage: 14S
Maximum current 70A
No-load current: 2.2A 10V
Maximum power: 4kw and 2kw continuous
Waterproof level:IP68

ESC Specs:
Fully waterproof.
New core software for multirotor controllers with improved throttle response
Firmware upgradable
Li-MH/Li-Po, Ne-Cd/Ne-MH, LiFe battery supported
Lost remote signal protection
Simple timing selectable.
Crosstalk reduction of signal transmission.
Compatible with wide range of flight controllers.
Integrated Protection System
Maximum Current: 120A
Voltage Input: Max 58.8V
Control Signal: Standard
Battery Cells: 5-14S