AliShanMao’s OpenTx Helicopter Models OTX File


AliShanMao’s OpenTx RC Helicopter Programming, RC Helicopter Setup Files.

Thank you for visiting this product page and please do accept my humble thanks for watching and supporting my videos on my YouTube Channel.

This File contains all my opentx helicopter models settings and programming as per my best experience and my own flight testing and tweaking. You can download the file and import either all or selected models to your OpenTx Radio Specially RadioMaster TX16S Opentx Radio controls. Then bind the respective model and easily tweak the settings as per your own taste and Choice.

I work very hard everyday to bring RC knowledge, RC Video Tutorials and best of the Radio Control Hobby, Tech and Gadgets content on my YouTube channel. Recently its getting more and more difficult to earn our bread through YouTube Videos and this is my only Full Time work. So I am hoping that my followers and fans will understand the need to put a price on the download of this file. If you need more assistance, feel free to contact us.

Watch how to setup Black Hawk UH60 3D RC Helicopter with Radiomaster TX16S video here that also shows in the end how to import models using this file via opentx companion program on windows PC.

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How to setup FW450 V2 GPS Helicopter with RadioMaster TX16S OpenTx Radio

How to setup Eachine E160 RC Helicopter with RadioMaster TX16S OpenTx Radio


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