AX AGR-4 Agricultural Crop Dusting Crop Protection Spray Drone

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Long gone are the days for Farmers to put on protection suites, carry heavy tanks, and spray crops manually by walking acres and acres of area all by themselves. Long gone are the days to buy and or hire expensive crop spraying agricultural machines. Now you can use the AGR-4 Agricultural Crop Protection Spraying Drone all by yourself and efficiently spray your crops with Liquid Crop Protection pesticide or Fertilizers of your own choice.



AX AGR-4 is an intelligent and powerful Quadcopter Drone designed to carry 10 liters of Liquid Pesticide or Fertilizers and Spray them efficiently. AGR-4, With its intelligent Specialized Agricultural Flight Controller running high precision sensors and advanced industrial algorithm, AGR-4 offers Intelligent crop protection spray operation modes. AGR-4 makes crop protection precise, more efficient and very cost effective. With a single full tank of Crop Protection Liquid, AGR-4 can spray approximately 1.6 acres of area and Can fly and spray Full Tank twice on fully charged batteries. Saving you time and effort to land, change batteries and or charge batteries often.




AGR-4 is a 1.3 meters Motor to motor Diameter, Giant Powerful drone that will cover about 4 to 5 meters of area at Spraying Altitude in one go, providing more efficiency for crop protection spray. A smaller crop spray area, a drone must go forth and back more times compared to AGR-4 which will go forth and back lesser times on a field and cover every inch of your crops with efficient and rich Crop Protection Liquid spray.





We build AGR-4 with a strict Quality Standards and Test fly many times to tweak every parameter of the drone for optimum efficiency and flight performance. AGR-4 comes ready to fly and ready to spray right outside the box. We have put AGR-4 through extensive flight testing under various wind conditions and Spraying / Dusting Tasks and has proven to be a very reliable worthy platform.






With its Intelligent Flight modes and highly efficient Industrial Grade Crop Protection Algorithm, AGR-4 is very user friendly and offers various flights modes to assist in crop protection liquid spray operations. With additional hardware we can add more features like total autonomous flight, terrain detection and follow, Liquid level sensors and bluetooth configuration support.





Scope and Applications

  1. Crop Dusting and Spray
  2. Tree Dusting and Spray
  3. Rooftop Spray for various protection chemicals
  4. Solar Panel Cleaning and Protection Liquid spraying
  5. Can be customized for other Fumigation Services. For Spraying various types of liquids and pesticide on Rooftops, trees, Crops or Panels does not require any modification





AGR-4 in its current configuration can offer the following features:

  1. Solid GPS position hold, Altitude hold,
  2. Assisted Takeoff and landing,
  3. Intelligent forward flight and line control for spraying patterns,
  4. AB Point Record to Auto Pattern Generation and Auto Spraying (No need of any Ground Control Station or Computer to upload waypoints patterns)
  5. Auto Return to home and land,
  6. Intelligent Pump Control (Spraying starts when drone moves and stops when Drone stops.) Prevents over spray at certain areas and saves liquid too.
  7. Break Point Continue Spray. Drone Remembers last point where Pilot stops spraying and return to home to refill tank. Starts spraying from same point again. Saves over spray and makes it more precise to spray larger areas that require more than one tank to cover.
  8. Dose Monitor and Liquid level sensor (Optional, Provided upon request and separate order only)
  9. Precise Terrain Follow using a Radar for spraying on irregular height or inclined and slope terrain. (Optional, Provided upon request and separate order only)
  10. full autonomous flight crop spray patterns using Ground Control Station Software (Optional, Provided upon request and separate order only)
  11. AGR-4 folding design makes it very easy to transport and store and deployment and folding back to storage takes only few minutes. AGR-4 is geared towards single person operation for maximum output and maximum Crops Protection Spray Efficiency.




AGR-4 is designed, built and test flown under the supervision of highly experienced drone experts with Quality components and careful flight testing and tuning to make sure each AGR-4 is delivered to perform and serve you right outside the box.

AX AGR-4 is your personal Crop Protection Spraying Companion.


Key Features

  • High Efficiency Heavy Duty motors and HV Speed Controllers.
  • 10KG / 10L of Payload and max 15 minutes of flight times with Payload
  • Carbon Fiber Folding Propellers
  • Folding Design, easy to carry, store and deploy on fields in minutes.
  • About 4 to 5 meters of Spray area on a single forward / backward flight line.
  • Adjustable Nozzles for better spray area coverage.
  • Industrial Grade Agricultural Flight Controller with advance crop protection algorithm
  • Solid GPS Position hold, Attitude and Altitude hold
  • Assisted Take-off and Land
  • Low Voltage Battery Protection, Two level of Battery low voltage protection,
  • Critical Low Voltage Auto Land
  • Auto Return to Home and Land on Failsafe should the GCS or Radio Control link is gone.
  • Intelligent Spray Control. Pump will work only when drone moves. Saves on excess Liquid sprays when Drone changes its work lines. (Optional)
  • Low Fluid Warning. (Optional)
  • Intelligent Flight modes providing GPS Mode, Attitude mode and Intelligent Operation Modes.
  • Intelligent Operation mode provides Work Line Control. Using Roll Rocker on your Radio, drone will switch its work line, using pitch rocker, drone will keep moving in straight line direction forward or backward until work line is changed.
  • Break point continue spray
  • Bluetooth Link to your android and iOS smart devices for instant Flight Controller tweaking. (Optional)
  • Optional Datalinks and Ground Control Station available.
  • Optional Dose Control and Low Dose warning sensors available.
  • Terrain detection and terrain follow Radar. (Optional)




  • Diagonal Wheelbase: 1300 mm
  • Spray Bars Unfolded: 1800mm


  • Max Thrust: 9-10 kg/rotor
  • Max Power: 7kW


  • Material: High Efficiency Carbon Fiber and Wooden Combination
  • Diameter / Pitch: 28×6.5

Speed Controllers

  • Operating Voltage 12S LiPo
  • Signal Frequency 30 to 450 Hz
  • Drive PWM Frequency 12 kHz


  • LIQUID TANK Volume: 10L
  • Standard Operating Payload: 10 kg


  • Quantity: 4
  • Max Spray Speed: 0.43 L/min (per nozzle, for water)
  • Spray Width: 4 – 5 m (4 nozzles, 1.5 – 3 m above the crops)
  • *Droplet size may vary according to operation environment and spraying speed.


  • Hovering Accuracy Horizontal ±1.5m
  • Vertical ±0.8m
  • tilt angle 35°
  • yaw angular velocity 100°/s
  • vertical speed 6m/s
  • horizontal speed 25m/s
  • waypoints 128
  • wind resistance Sustained wind level V, Gusts level VI
  • Flight Modes: Stabilized, GPS, ATT, Operations mode, Auto Return to home and land, A-B Auto Spray Pattern with Flow rate control for spray
  • Standard Takeoff Weight: 20KG kg
  • Max Takeoff Weight: 26 (@ sea level)
  • Power Battery: Lithium Polymer 6S 16000mAh to 22000mAh 25C
  • Hovering Time: 15 minutes with 10kg Payload.
  • Recommended Operating Temperature 0 to 40℃

Flight Controller Parameters

  • Radio controller recommended PCM or 2.4GHZ, At least
  • Supported Receivers SBUS、PPM and PWM
  • CPU numbers of core 5-core
  • Power Consumption <5W
  • Recommended Battery 3S-6S LiPo
  • Operating Temperature -20℃-+60℃
  • Storage Temperature -40℃-+60℃
  • Vibration damper       <3.03g


We also offer custom builds for bigger and more powerful Agricultural drones. Should you need a custom drone, please drop us a line using our contact form.


Your Purchase Includes

  1. AGR-4 Agricultural Spray Drone Ready to fly with Spray Tank, Pump and nozzels, All built, Test flown and tweaked for Crop Dusting Right Outside the box
  2. FrSky Taranis QX7 Radio System
  3. Carbon Fiber Folding Propellers Set
  4. 1 Pair Spare Carbon Fiber Folding Propellers Set
  5. Aluminum Carrying Case
  6. 4 x Tattu 16000mAh 22.2v Batteries
  7. 1 x Professional 400W Dual Port 20A Balance Charger.


Note: Data Radios + Bluetooth Unit + GCS + Terrain Radar for autonomous Spraying on inclined Terrain are optional parts that you can order from us either together with drone or at later stages.