E-Glide V4 Lite

World’s Lightest and Most powerful Electric Paramotor is here

Meet OFM E-Glide V4 Lite Electric Paramotor Plug and Play Combo. After 6 years of hard work, we are proud to release this Plug and Play Electric Paramotor conversion Kit. With E-Glide V4 Lite PNP Combo, you can convert any gasoline engine paramotor to electric paramotor in just 5 minutes, even on the field.

Fly the lightest electric paramotor with clean energy, and enjoy the instant punchy yet smooth powerful throttle response. Quieter than Engines, no smoke, no oil, maintenance free Electric paramotor is the way to go. Be Free in skies with E-Glide V4 Lite Electric paramotor.

More details here: https://bit.ly/3qDX0gq

E-Glide V4 Lite is lightest Electric paramotor that offers monster 56kg of max thrust on full throttle. Its perfect for women and even kids (Properly trained for Powered Flights) can now fly with E-Glide V4 Lite Electric paramotor. Flight times up to 25 minutes with 10Ah batteries and up to 65 minutes with 22Ah battery Packs. E-Glide V4 Pro (74kg Thrust) with Trike Add-on (Electric Powered Trike) is coming soon. Stay tuned for more details.