Real Truth Behind Matthew Ogborne (Ragthenutsoff) False and Deceptive Accusations against AliShanMao (Ali Mansoor)

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Recently Matthew Ogborne, a small timer RC hobbyist From the UK, with a small youtube channel (ragthenutsoff) accused AliShanmao of banning him from Rambler RS Facebook Group in a 13 minute long video. He then escalated the argument into a personal vendetta, along with his followers, and made another video on Youtube accusing alishanmao for […]

OMP BigHorn 4S Flight.

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If you like my Work, Consider buying me a coffee 🙂​ OMP Hobby Big Horn 49″ PNP Balsa RC Airplane is a true performer. This airplane is receiver ready, and comes pre equipped and set with quality components. Setting up Bighorn was as easy as 123. With its stock configuration it flies beautiful and […]

4 FPV Drones Giveaway Contest

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4 FPV Drones giveaway is on. Just watch the videos, and answer 4 questions. Get more Details here: Video details: If you are not subscribers to these channels, you have no chance to win so subscribe today because contest is among subs of these channels: