Real Truth Behind Matthew Ogborne (Ragthenutsoff) False and Deceptive Accusations against AliShanMao (Ali Mansoor)

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Recently Matthew Ogborne, a small timer RC hobbyist From the UK, with a small youtube channel (ragthenutsoff) accused AliShanmao of banning him from Rambler RS Facebook Group in a 13 minute long video. He then escalated the argument into a personal vendetta, along with his followers, and made another video on Youtube accusing alishanmao for […]

Rambler RS

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Your New Long Range FPV Buddy is Coming Soon Rambler RS is designed for Short Range to Long Range FPV Flights. Its your ultimate Fixed Wing Swept Forward Wing High Performance FPV Flying Wing. Rambler RS is Fast, Agile, very Responsive on controls, a superb FPV Cruiser and has a very nice Glide performance. Pre […]