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Check out the list and order cool beginners Fun drones using the following links at competitive prices. Eachine H8C: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/eachine-h8c/?wpam_id=7 Cheerson CX-10C: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/cheerson-cx-10c/?wpam_id=7 Eachine H8: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/eachine-h8-mini/?wpam_id=7 Cheerson CX-33: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/cheerson-cx-33c/?wpam_id=7 Hubsan X4: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/hubsan-x4/?wpam_id=7 GW008 Skull Drone: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/gw008-drone-skull-drone/?wpam_id=7 Estes 4606 Proto X: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/estes-4606-proto-x/?wpam_id=7 Eachine CG023: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/eachine-cg023/?wpam_id=7 Syma X11: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/syma-x11-2/?wpam_id=7 Cheerwing Ladybug: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/cheerwing-ladybug/?wpam_id=7 Syma X13: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/syma-x13/?wpam_id=7 DM007 Drone: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/dm007-quadcopter/?wpam_id=7 Syma X12: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/syma-x12/?wpam_id=7 Blade Nano QX: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/blade-nano-qx/?wpam_id=7 Skeye Pico Drone: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/skeye-pico-drone/?wpam_id=7 DM003 Drone: https://uavsystemsinternational.com/product/dm003-quadcopter/?wpam_id=7 […]

UDI 818A Quadcopter


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Syma X5 Quadcopter


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Syma X8C Quadcopter


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Syma X5C Quadcopter


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JJRC H8C Quadcopter


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WLtoys 686

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Dubai here we come


Finally a break from my busy working life 😀 and RC Reviews. We have planned a joyful Trip to Dubai in October. Dubai Here we come 😀                         We will fly to Dubai on 15th October 2015 and will be staying there for 2 or […]

OFM Swift TR260 V2 Tilt Rotor FPV Racing Quadcopter


OFM Swift TR260 V2 Tilt Rotor FPV Racing Quadcopter All new pimped up OFM Swift TR260 V2 is designed to perform on every FPV Racing and Proximity FPV Flight Track. The Most Important Mod and Changes. New molded motor mounts to fit various brand Motors. Sleek and Tough. All Cables are run from inside the […]